Our culture

We believe safety is a "way of being" and a mind-set. We are committed to safe practices in our daily operations
and actions, more than compliance to the known norms. Our way is to show our duty of care for the wellbeing and
safety of our colleagues and those we serve.

Everyone has the right to be treated with respect. We despise bad-mouthing or embarrass colleagues intentionally
or unintentionally. Our way of communication is direct, honest but always respectful. We will each do our best, give
our best and expect the best from each other. The importance of this key value in our business culture cannot not
be better expressed by the overall shared agreement on zero tolerance in event of misconduct.

We are all accountable for delivering what we say we will. There are no excuses! We are excellent in what we do
and we know our business. We set clear goals, learn from our mistakes and continuously improve the way we work.

We believe we are stronger together. Our way is to involve and motivate others in working together through
challenges and projects. Together we work to find the best solutions for the company and our clients.
Partnership & Stakeholders
We care about our clients, stakeholders and business partners. In a world of "sameness" and uniformity this gives us
an edge. Our way is to build lasting relationships and we therefore cherish our day-to-day contacts.

We believe in operational excellence, whilst keeping things simple and sober. Our culture is the foundation to learn
from failures and mistakes, which is the key for our motivation for continuous process improvement.